56 Ideas For What Your Home Decor Says About You

Perhaps you’re gazing out at a sea of blues and greens—or a spectrum of sunset shades.

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You won't have to wait for results, and you'll get information about what the answers say about you.

What your home decor says about you. Find a house for sale on GotProperty and get decorating. Take a Home Decorating Quiz from Houzz to get style hints as you decide on the style that you like best.; One of the first things people notice about your space when they walk in is how much of you is incorporated into the decor.

Sometimes we're making these choices consciously, like picking a wild pattern that says, "hey. Last week I had you dig deep to discover your home decorating style. The pieces you choose reflect your personality, and that speaks volumes to those who visit your home.

Question 1 of 9. When your home decor says something about you that’s because you got it right. Everything from how you dress to what you order at Starbucks helps to define who you are, and that extends to decor, too.

Countertops From the bathrooms to the kitchen, how much you have on your counters shows personality. Talking about doing it right, Gallerie Noir is a first-rate interior design studio that relies on nothing but innovation, professionalism and creativeness to design beautiful interiors. Personal style says so much about who you are and your home is a reflection of that.

Your home’s decor says a lot about you. Better Homes and Gardens has a simple color quiz using attitudes about color to help zero in on your decorating style. Smart and sophisticated .

Whether you care about how you’re perceived by your interior decor or not, it’s helpful to know how people may formulate an opinion about your personality just by what they see in your home. What does your decor say about you? What does your love of crisp white sheets, layers or symmetry really mean?

You’re not going to choose pieces of furniture that don’t accentuate your personality, and so it’s obvious your home is going to show off the type of person you are. So, what does your home say about you? What your home décor says about you The way you decorate your home can say a lot about your personality.

Think classic blue and white sailor stripes, driftwood embellishments and the odd starfish thrown in here and there. It doesn’t matter if you live in a studio apartment or a large single-family home. If you have zero decor and just necessary kitchen needs hanging out where you prepare your food, you can be perceived either as someone who definitely wants to keep your space as cleanly as possible, or someone with a bit of a cold personality.

Look around the rooms in your home and you’ll probably pick up on a theme (or two). How we style our homes correlates to who we are and how we want others to perceive us, Lindsay Graham, a PhD in personality and social psychology, explained to Buzz Buzz Home.. Reds and pinks also seem to spice things up, while beige and.

Here is what just a few décor decisions may mean about your personality. How To Find Your Decorating Style. Inviting new pieces and experimenting with fresh colors, decor and designs will not only make your space pop, but also gives you a fun task to work on to clear your mind during these uncertain times.

What Your Interior Design Style Says About You Your interior design style captures your inner personality and character within the décor of your home. Want to know what your home decor says about you? Personal artifacts on display mean you have a strong sense of self.

Specifically keying in on the good feelings you get from the space and doing more of that. From your preferences in paint to your love for an open layout, each piece of your home may tell a bit about a specific part of you! And perhaps no single item says more about us than the sofa we choose.

How would you describe your clothing style? The why is important because, people, we are focusing on feelings here. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a home that screams your name when you walk through the door, it’s what makes your space ideal to you.

Is your ideal home outrageously opulent or artfully minimalist? Its style speaks quite a bit to how we use our spaces and to how we view life itself. We’re not going to use fancy words like, traditional, transitional, or even eclectic.

What does your home style say about you? In order to find your decorating style, we’re going to focus on the feeling you want to create in your home. If you’ve gone instead for something pale and grey, you’re probably more reserved.

Take our test to discover your decorating personality, plus win an exclusive piece of furniture from Swoon Editions. A sofa is much more than a decorative item; The way that you choose to decorate your home says a lot about your personality.

By now, you should have a good idea of what you love in your space and why, as well as what you don't love and why. Brought you by the design-minded visionaries Melissa Ramos and Natalia Pascual, make sure you keep an eye on Gallerie Noir in the. If you have purple decor, you have nearly double the intimacy of people with gray bedding, walls, or furniture says a British survey.

What it says about you… If, on the other hand, there’s only one chair in your living room, then the chances are that you prefer to keep to yourself. So whether you fill your home with shabby chic frills or eclectic Jonathan Adler pieces, each choice says a lot about your personality.We rounded up the most.

When people walk into our homes they often get a pretty good sense of who we are. The way we decorate says a lot about our personalities. Nauticaldecor.info) Your home decor style is… A mish mash of everything nautical and beachy.

If you'd like to go a little deeper with a bit more research, check. You can learn more about yourself by taking a second look at your home decor. You might not overtly think it, but your home décor actually speaks volumes about your personality, your preferences, and your tastes – about more than just design.

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