56 Best Of Mixing Metals In Home Decor

We are going with all oil rubbed bronze door knobs and hinges when we change those out, but definitely mixing in some other finishes as well. A flashy fusion of gold and silver, this jewel-toned living room oozes opulence at every angle.

Tips in Mixing Metals (Hunted Interior) Home decor

I’m going to send this article to every next person who negates my decision.

Mixing metals in home decor. Plus, it showcases your unique ‘eye’ and style, making the room totally yours and yours alone. Not only are there tons of easy DIY tutorials to help you update the current metals in your home (hint: Mixing metals is officially en vogue, with designers accenting kitchens and bathrooms with warm metals like brass and copper.

Here are five tips for mixing metals in a way that is classy and not overtly brassy. Spray paint is your best friend), but mixing metal finishes is also a budget-friendly option because it doesn’t require you to purchase new fixtures or furniture every time you want to update a space. Yes, you can mix your metals.

I think it’s a great way to add character & depth to a house, but there is definitely a method to the madness. Just like with jewelry, there were these rules about not mixing the different metals. 7 Design Tips for Mixing Metals in the Kitchen and Bathroom Decor Designers and DIYers alike are bringing a new level of depth and personality to their spaces by incorporating multiple metal finishes.

Designer Jennifer Jones isn't afraid to mix. Choose a dominant metal.. Follow Home Design & Decor National.

You might be considered daring for mixing metallic elements into your home decor, but with proper layering and close attention to detail, metals lend a rich, contemporary vibe to a space. We love how this room infuses layers of different textures, metals and finishes to create a cohesive space. You might consider it daring to mix metallic elements in your home decor, but with proper layering and close attention to detail, metals lend a rich, contemporary vibe to spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms.

There are many tried and true rules for home decor that exist for a reason, but a rule against mixing metals is not one of them. For today’s post, we’re going to explore the possibilities of mixing metals! If you’re apprehensive about making a permanent change in your home, have fun mixing metals with your accessories.

My Thoughts on Brass and Trends. We have a mix in our current home of stainless and antique brass and bronze, so to me it makes a home interesting to mix the metals. In my home there's plenty of nickel and silver.

Mixing metals in the home can be daunting: Schedule your free in-home design consultation today. We asked design experts to weigh in on how to mix to perfection—and explain what never to do.

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Bronze, brass, nickel, chrome, polished or antiqued? Mixing metal finishes creates a more balanced and refined look. Mixing metals is sometimes seen as controversial, but it is one home d├ęcor trend that can add elegance and a unique, eclectic touch to any home.

The trend of mixing metals has been popular for a few years now and doesn’t show any signs of being replaced. Home Decor Ideas Idea Houses Before & After. Combine a silver and a bronze frame on a big gallery wall to get the effect without the risk, like in this colorful.

Check out my guide here! As the first area of the home guests are introduced to, the entryway should make a bold statement. A Single Piece with Multiple Metals Can Tie a Room Together.

In fact, it looks really great if you do. But whether you can’t wait to try your hand at it, or are inspired to update your bathroom with a different style trick, our Design Consultants can help! For advice on mixing metals without approaching Tin Man territory, we checked in with Heather Smith of Decorating Den Interiors.

There is a method to the madness, so just keep these tips in mind and you won’t go wrong. When you use two metals in one space that almost match, it can give off the appearance that you weren't able to find one of your fixtures in the right finish, or didn't. Its decor sets the tone for the rest of the home, and first impressions are typically memorable.

Mixing metals adds both a clean and elegant style to any room. Mixing metals can also make your home look more modern, as past designers often adhered to the straight and narrow of choosing single metals. Since I have so much silver and nickel around, I hesitate when buying gold pieces because I fear the two will clash.

Gold Home Decor Diy Home Decor Room Decor Art Decor Home Decor Store Home Decor Items Home Design Silver Room Wholesale Home Decor. Want to dip a toe into mixing metals but aren't ready to invest in big items? Mixed metals is a home decor trend that’s here to stay.

The different metals work together to add depth, guiding the eye from the dominant color’s features to the accent colors. Jul 21, 2017 - Explore AWHomes's board "Mixed Metals", followed by 11741 people on Pinterest. I’m sharing tips and examples from all over my home where I have mixed and matched brass, silver, iron, copper and more.

They are more my preference but like I said before, the gold thing is starting to peak my interest. It also shows intent—you care. Keep balance in mind “The thing to keep in mind is the balance of the room,” Smith says.

If you have a mixture of metals in a room and it feels a bit disjointed, an easy remedy is to find a single accessory that incorporates both metals and throw it into the space – sometimes just the addition of that one piece is all a room needs to tie it together. That trend is big in home decor as well. Hardware, plumbing fixtures, and lighting all provide beautiful opportunities to mix metals!

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